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JerryRigEverything tears apart the Razer Phone, finds some major flaws

The Razer Phone is the first smartphone from the gaming company, but technically it’s the second from Nextbit. Razer bought the company out and it’s easy to see the resemblance of the Razer Phone to the Nextbit Robin. Everything from the speaker grills to the buttons are nearly identical.

JerryRigEverything previously bend tested the Nextbit Robin and the results were frankly hilarious. It folded right in half with little resistance. With the Razer Phone being so similar, Zack’s video on the Razer Phone was a welcome surprise. Yes, his name is not Jerry.

The Razer Phone survived Zack’s usual tests, including the bend test. Unfortunately, the Razer Phone succumbed to the same problem as the Robin.  With the body being made out of metal instead of plastic, it proved to be much more resilient but the device still suffered a major kink when bent, as well as a big bend in the area near the power button and a crack at the volume buttons. The camera lens and anodized finished back are also a lot more delicate than most phones, with a razor blade scratching the glass camera lens and keys leaving permanent marks on the anodized back.

Inside he found a very messy design, though this won’t affect usability, and a tiny, weak vibration motor. Taking the device apart also means ruining the speaker grills, which need replacement after repairs.

None of this makes the device bad. It survived the bend test while remaining perfectly functional so it’s not a huge concern. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see how similar the design is to the Nextbit Robin and how Razer made the new device stronger. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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