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Pixel 2 XL having touch responsiveness issues along the edges of the display

Google Pixel 2 XL

It really seems like people are picking on the new Pixel 2 duo. Many smartphones have issues that go unreported later in their life (we’re looking at you, LG!) but Google’s latest smartphones seem to have a host of issues pop up during the launch.

This time it’s the Pixel 2 XL. Some users are reporting finicky touch responsiveness along the edges of the display. Sometimes touches aren’t registered at all, and sometimes they’re just delayed. However, swiping from the middle of the screen to the edge generally works fine.

Considering it works when swiping to the edge but not from the edge, it sounds like a software issue. It could be edge rejection to prevent your palm from setting off the touchscreen just being too overbearing. In classic Google fashion, the promised fix is indeed a software update. It’s no surprise, even distortion from the camera glass was fixed with a software update on the original Pixel!

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Source: Google Product Forums

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