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Snapchat is getting a major redesign to make it easier to use


Snapchat has become one of the more popular social media platforms out there, with countless other apps aiming to copy the ephemeral messaging platform’s features.

But one consistent complaint about the app is its design, with many people noting how difficult it can be to use. Navigation isn’t the easiest, for instance. And it sounds like Snap CEO Evan Spiegel is ready to address the issues.

In the company’s third quarter earnings for this year, Spiegel said he’s heard that Snapchat “is difficult to understand or hard to use.” As a result, Snap is going to redesign the app. Spiegel wasn’t ready to give up the details on what that redesign might look like, though.

Thanks to a recent leak, we may know what it looks like. Business Insider says that the camera will function the same as it does now, but that the rest of the app is getting changed. Sliding to the left of the camera, that’s where the communication with contacts will be housed. Snapchat Stories will be there, too. Sliding to the right, on the other hand, will open a personalized video feed from Snapchat partners, including NBC.

One other detail from Spiegel: The Android app is going to be built from the ground up, with the focus being on performance. Spiegel says this will continue over time, so it sounds like improving the Android experience is one of the company’s primary goals at this point.

How do you like the current iteration of the Snapchat app?

Via: Business Insider

Source: Snap

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