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Snapchat redesign focuses on ‘separating the social from the media’


Snap already confirmed that it would be redesigning the Snapchat app so to make it easier to use, addressing a longstanding complaint for the social ephemeral messaging app.

Today Snap has given a quick rundown of what the new app will bring to the table and how users will get a better experience. The company is making it very clear that the major focus is separating “the social from the media,” which means that the new app’s design will keep your social network (your friends and family) separated from the brands that also use Snapchat.

The camera will still be the focus of this new-look Snapchat, working as the center point for the app. To the left, users will find the content from their friends and family, including their ephemeral Stories. On the right is where the content from brands will be.

Snapchat redesign

The new friends page is dynamic. Snapchat users will see it change depending on the people they connect with on a regular basis. The more you talk to a person, the higher they will climb on the friends page. Ultimately, the people you talk to the most should be easier to contact.

Snapchat redesign2

The Discover page, where the content from brands and other creators will be populated, will also change based on the content you view and search for. It will feel more personalized over time and with usage, according to Snap.

As for when this will go live for all users? The update is expected to begin rolling out this Friday.

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