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Some people reporting Pixel 2 camera strobing under LED light, may not be an actual problem


Since there’s no shortage of problems being brought up with the Pixel 2 siblings, it’s only natural that even more are brought up. Another problem discovered with the devices is the camera performance under LED lights.

LEDs run on pulse width modulation, which essentially means that power is being pulsed on and off to control brightness. Your eye sees this as a constant light source, but in reality the LEDs are flickering very fast. Most digital camera sensors can see this in certain situations. It manifests itself as banding, which are dark lines corresponding to the dim times of the LED being caught by the rolling shutter. But some people are reporting that the Pixel 2 is affected worse than others.

Some are seeing some crazy banding effect under normal LED lamps. Others are reporting no such problems. With every LED product being different, it’s hard to say if this is an issue with all Pixel 2s, some of them, or if there’s even an issue at all. Every camera sensor is different and may be sensitive to an LED’s PWM signal a bit differently, so it makes sense that one phone has an issue with a certain bulb while another doesn’t. But in the end, all smartphones will have issues with some LEDs in some scenarios because that’s the nature of LEDs and digital camera sensors. Try taking a photo of a new car’s LED daytime running strip. Oftentimes it’s impossible.

Whether this is an issue remains to be seen, but it could just be a misunderstanding of LED technology mixed with hysteria over the Pixel 2 being broken from the factory. If it is an issue, we’re sure Google can fix it with a software update.

Via: Android Police

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