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YouTube is available on the Amazon Echo Show once again


Amazon Echo Show owners have regained access to YouTube two months after the feature was pulled by Google.

Amazon has confirmed that YouTube is once again available on the Echo Show. The company told that it’s “excited” to give Echo Show users the ability to watch videos from sources like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, adding that “more video sources will be added over time.”

Interestingly, the YouTube app for the Echo Show is now a bit different than it was before it got pulled. YouTube on the Echo Show now looks pretty much like it does on the desktop, and you’ll need to touch the screen to select a video. You can use your voice for select actions, like pausing and resuming videos, but the focus now appears to be more on touch interactions rather than voice.

You can see images of the old and new YouTube apps for Echo show below. The above image is what YouTube looked like before it got pulled from the Echo Show and the lower image is what it looks like now.



This new-look YouTube app for Echo Show doesn’t look as good as the old one, but we’re sure that some Echo Show owners are just happy to have YouTube again. One of the main features of the Echo Show is its 7-inch screen, and now owners can once again use that screen to watch clips on Google’s huge video-sharing site.


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