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YouTube unveils Reels to quickly share collections of short videos


YouTube wants to make sure that its creators have a variety of ways to distribute their content, and jumping on the Stories bandwagon, made famous by Snapchat and capitalized on by Instagram and other social networks, is one way to do that.

Today YouTube announced a variety of new tools to expand its reach within the YouTube community. The new feature is called Community and it has been in testing for quite some time. It has a variety of different tools baked in, with the idea to help creators connect with their audiences in more interesting ways.

The biggest new feature of the bunch is a spin-off of the “popular ‘stories’ format” we’ve seen in other social media tools. But YouTube is making a few key changes that should make it stand out. First and foremost, it’s called Reels, and it serves a similar function as film reels: store a variety of videos, designed to be shorter than a typical YouTube upload, and make them easily accessible for viewers.

The Reels will never expire, so they aren’t the same ephemeral messages we’ve seen in other story-like features. And YouTube creators will be able to make multiple Reels and store multiple videos in each one, so they can basically make a plethora of short videos about a camping trip and label that Reel as such.

Creators will also be able to link to their longer video content from within the videos in the Reels, and they will also be able to add filters and stickers.

This is another feature that will require beta testing, which YouTube is doing right now with a select number of creators. There’s no word on a wider rollout just yet.

What do you think of the idea?

Source: YouTube Creators

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