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Google releases three photography ‘appsperiments’

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Google is releasing some new apps they call “appsperiments.” These are small apps that perform a basic function using experimental technology, much like Motion Stills. The latest three releases are all photography apps.

The first is called Storyboard. It takes a video you shot, picks out the best images, and turns them into a comic book complete with six different visual effects. You can refresh the result again and again to see different results.

The next app is called “Selfissimo!” and it automatically takes selfies once you start the photoshoot. Every time you pose it’ll take black and white selfies automatically until you stop it.

The third is called Scrubbies and can both control video and record you controlling the video. You shoot video in the app and you can scrub through it with one finger. When you use two fingers, it starts recording your movements and outputs a video of what you did.

Storyboard is only available for Android, Scrubbies is only available for iOS, and Selfissimo! is available for both Android and iOS. Hit the links to give them a try!

Source: Google Research

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