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Android apps will soon run in the background on Chrome OS


Android apps only recently made the jump over to Chrome OS, but for folks who might have switched to Google’s operating system from something like Windows, one drawback might have been clear right out of the gate: Apps unable to run in the background.

While there are some exceptions to that rule right now, like the music streaming app Spotify, the general rule of thumb for Android apps on Chrome OS is that they pause when they are no longer the sole focus of the user. That’s a big change from how apps work on other desktop operating systems, and it’s one that Google appears ready to set straight.

As first revealed today by Chrome Unboxed, the current beta version of Chrome OS 64 includes the ability to run Android apps in the background. This means they will no longer pause when they are no longer being used by the user, which should be a welcomed change.

Chrome OS 64 is still in the beta phase right now, but it is expected to move over to the stable channel soon. When it does, Android apps working in the background should be a solid bullet point on the new additions list.

You can see the new feature running in the video below.

If you use Chrome OS, is this one feature you have been waiting for?

Via: 9to5Google

Source: Chrome Unboxed

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