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Essential Phone is easier to service than previously thought

When the Essential Phone launched, iFixit put out a damning video showing how difficult it was to repair the device. The visuals of shattered glass and ceramic gave it a one out of ten, a low score not many other devices have achieved.

A different YouTube channel took a swing at it, though they didn’t start at the back (which iFixit admitted yielded no results anyway). Some heat and a few flat objects led to a screen replacement that isn’t much harder than any other device on the market, and it didn’t result in a shattered display or needing any freezing.

Inside, the Essential Phone is well put together and consistent, unlike the Razer Phone (though consistency isn’t exactly critical). Most parts other than the USB port and fingerprint reader can be replaced if necessary.

This relatively easy screen removal should ease the minds of Essential Phone owners and encourage those who have not purchased one yet. With tons of updates, a camera that’s tons better than it was at launch, an Oreo beta, and a relatively simple repair process, it’s a solid purchase.

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