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Google Maps can now let you know when to get off your train or bus


Traveling on a bus or train can make getting from one point to another pretty easy, but if you miss your stop, it can get very annoying. Google Maps is aiming to alleviate that issue.

Google has announced that Google Maps has been updated to notify users when they need to get off public transit like a bus or train. On top of that, Google Maps will use departure times, estimated time of arrival, and notifications to make sure that you know exactly when you need to get off your train or bus, whether that’s to transfer to another mode of public transportation or when you reach your destination.

Google Maps’s new step-by-step directions are similar to what’s already available while driving, walking, or biking, so it’s a nice addition for public transportation.

The new feature is now available for Google Maps users on Android.

Source: Google Blog

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