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Huawei officially making its US carrier debut in 2018


Huawei is currently third in global smartphone sales, right behind Samsung and Apple. The company even surpassed Apple for a few months at one point this year. But the US market has always been elusive for foreign brands. The company, as well as its sub-brand Honor, have been sold unlocked in the US for a while but they have never found big success.

Carriers are the key to the US market, and it looks like the rumors about Huawei partnering with carriers are true. President of Huawei Technologies Richard Yu said that the company’s flagship Mate 10 will be sold through a US carrier next year, but no other details were given.

Previous rumors said that the Mate 10 Pro would be coming to AT&T, which sounds like the ideal choice. AT&T is a huge US carrier that uses the GSM network (unlocked Huawei devices don’t support CDMA), while the Mate 10 Pro has most of the features US consumers want aside from a headphone jack.

Final details like the pricing and the carrier of choice will be announced during the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, so stay tuned for the info on when Huawei’s best is coming to the US!

Source: ABC News

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