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Ingress Prime launching in 2018 with redesigned UI and new storyline


It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Ingress, the augmented reality (AR) game developed by Niantic before it released Pokémon Go, but today the game is back in the news.

Niantic today announced Ingress Prime, a reboot of the original AR game that it launched in 2012. The game will feature a new look with a redesigned user interface, new sound design, and a new storyline. The global game board will reset along with this reboot, but existing Ingress players will retain their in-game progression, level, and items in Ingress Prime. Below you can see a comparison of Ingress (left) and Ingress Prime (right).


When playing Ingress, users choose one of two teams — The Enlightened and The Resistance — and they wander the real world looking for Portals to capture. The game uses your smartphone’s camera to let you play along.

Ingress Prime will launch on Android, iPhone, and iPad in 2018.

Ingress was a fun game at the time, but since its release, smartphone technology has gotten better and Niantic has become more experienced thanks to Pokémon Go. We’ll have to wait until next year to see all of Ingress Prime’s refreshed design and experience, but what we’ve seen so far does look like an improvement.

Did you ever play Ingress? Are you looking forward to Ingress Prime?

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