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Some people managed to unlock their Verizon Pixel 2 bootloader

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Verizon‘s version of the Pixel devices aren’t supposed to have an unlockable bootloader. The first gen lineup on Verizon didn’t, and the current Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL shouldn’t either. And yet, that doesn’t always seem to be the case.

A few users on XDA have managed to unlock the bootloader on their Verizon Pixel 2 devices using the standard fastboot command. A few of the users did this on a device purchased directly from the Verizon store as well as Best Buy, including one purchased just yesterday.

While we don’t know if all Verizon Pixel 2 devices have unlockable bootloaders, a significant amount of people have managed to do just that. It’s looking like a real possibility! Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to apply to the Pixel 2 XL. Verizon could fix this at any time so if you want to unlock your bootloader, do it now (and of course understand the risks you’re taking modifying your phone).

Via: XDA-Developers

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