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Users report Samsung Galaxy Note 8 no longer charging after hitting 0%

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners have had a relatively pain-free experience compared to devices like the Pixel 2 lineup and the exploding Galaxy Note 7 that prompted a worldwide recall.

Unfortunately, it seems that a problem is now cropping up for some Note 8 owners. People are reporting that once the device hits 0% charge, it will no longer charge at all. Even leaving it on the charger overnight will do nothing.

A 0% charge doesn’t mean that the battery is empty. Fully discharging lithium ion cells damages them, so a “dead” battery actually has some charge left in it. Maybe Samsung set the limit too low to compensate for the smaller battery or maybe it’s just a charging circuit flaw.

If you face this issue, you’ll have to return your device. It likely means waiting for a few weeks if it’s through Samsung customer service. Let us know if you’ve experienced this bug in the comments.

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