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YouTube may launch its own streaming music service in 2018


Having a streaming music service is all the rage these days for major companies. Spotify is the giant, and it only offers a streaming music option. Meanwhile, companies like Google want to offer options for customers.

Bloomberg reports that the YouTube team is in the process of launching its own music streaming service in March 2018 and that the company has already nailed down at least one major label deal to make that a reality. The service is being called “Remix” internally, but there’s no word on what it might be called when it does go live.

According to the report, YouTube has already finalized a deal with Warner Bros Music Group and is currently in talks with Sony Music Entertainment, Merlin (a label covering independent artists), and Universal Music Group. Once the deals are finalized, which seems inevitable at this point, then that means YouTube will have a streaming music option that’s in the same vein as Spotify, Apple Music, and, yes, Google Play Music.

YouTube has always been seen as one of the biggest obstacles for musical artists and labels, seeing as it’s a go-to site for streaming free music. But with YouTube offering a paid subscription option, that should help alleviate any concerns for those companies moving forward. And it would mean that Google has two streaming music options, definitely standing out amidst the competition.

While the music streaming service is expected to arrive in March, YouTube is still grinding out the details of its deals, so it could face delays that push out that launch date.

What do you think of the idea of a YouTube music streaming service?

Source: Bloomberg

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