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YouTube stops working on Amazon Fire TV devices a few days early


Earlier this month, Google confirmed that in its dispute with Amazon, it planned to pull the YouTube app from both the Echo Show and Fire TV devices.

At the time, it was expected that the YouTube app would be pulled on January 1 of next year, but it looks like Google has decided to cut the cord a bit early. As first spotted by Fast Company, a screenshot shows Amazon is already redirecting Fire TV device owners to either use the Silk or Firefox web browsers to access YouTube content.


Up to this point, it sounded like Google and Amazon were in talks that were going well, but apparently they weren’t going well enough. It’s unclear if it was Google that pulled the app four days early or if it was Amazon that just decided to stop supporting it ahead of the planned removal.

What do you think of the battle going on between Google and Amazon?

Source: Fast Company

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