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Amazon’s Alexa app now supports voice commands


If you happen to enjoy Amazon‘s Alexa digital assistant but have been wanting support for voice commands on your Android device, the wait is now over.

Amazon has officially confirmed that the Alexa app for Android now supports voice queries. Up until this point, the Alexa app was only able to support other Amazon products that had Alexa on them, like the Echo smart speaker lineup. Now, though, the app itself can handle voice commands.

Alexa app users can now use their voice to control the digital assistant, including launching playlists and controlling smart home devices. You can even ask Alexa to show you nearby businesses or display movie showtimes.

It’s worth noting that the app doesn’t support waking up the handset with a voice command, so you will need to have the device’s display unlocked and the app open to make use of voice functionality.

The Amazon Alexa app is available now from the Play Store. Do you prefer using Alexa over Google Assistant?

Source: Amazon Alexa (Play Store)

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