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Amazon’s Alexa will be available on headphones, smartwatches, and more


Amazon digital assistant Alexa has found its way to smartwatches in the past, but they didn’t really work out. Now Amazon is looking to revitalize the initiative.

Today Amazon announced a “mobile accessory” development kit for Alexa which will allow manufacturers to put the digital personal assistant on a variety of devices that don’t need massive amounts of processing power to handle it. The goal is to get Alexa not only on smartwatches, but also headphones and other accessories that people use every day.

On a technical note, the feature is designed almost specifically for “lightweight” gadgets like smartwatches or headphones because the bulk of the work happens between the accessory and the Alexa app, whether that’s on Android or iOS. As long as the connection is stable between your phone and the accessory, then the interaction with Alexa should be smooth and work as intended.

Amazon is already working with a variety of different companies to get Alexa on their devices, including Jabra, iHome, and Bose. However, a full launch of this new toolkit won’t happen until sometime later this year. Amazon hasn’t announced a specific date just yet.

Amazon’s goal to get Alexa everywhere continues, and it’s an important one they’ll continue to work on for the foreseeable future. Do you like to use Alexa or do you prefer Google Assistant?

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