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Android Pay and Google Wallet are now Google Pay


When it comes to Google products, there is always the possibility that some day, a product will see a name change. Today marks a day where two different Google products are not only getting a name change, but are also getting consolidated into one new initiative.

Google officially announced Google Pay today, marking the amalgamation of Android Pay and Google Wallet into this one new service. The idea is to bring in all the different ways people used to pay for things under one brand and hopefully making it easier to make purchases.

Google Pay will make it easier to use the different payment methods you have saved in your Google Account. Google Pay will soon be seen across platforms, services, and payment methods. You’ll be able to use it online, in physical retail stores, in Google products like the Play Store, and you will be able to pay friends, too.


Google Pay is already rolling out and is available from different companies including Airbnb, Fandango, Instacart, HungryHouse, Dice, and others. Google also has a quick reference guide for developers that want to integrate Google Pay, which you can find right here.

Bringing all of these payment options and methods into one brand certainly makes sense. What do you think of Google Pay?

Source: Google Blog

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