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Android Wear 2.9 will feature unread notification dots on all watch faces


Depending on the watch face you are using with your Android Wear smartwatch, there might not be any indication that you’ve missed something on one of your apps.

To help with that, Android Wear 2.9 will address that issue with a specific update that will bring unread notification dots to every watch face. Now you won’t have to dig in too far to find out if you’ve missed anything. The new notification dot will be present on the bottom of your Android Wear smartwatch’s display by default, but developers will be able to move where that dot is and how it looks, just in case their watch face requires it.

As ar as when Android Wear 2.9 will land, there is no word on that just yet. Still, knowing that this particular feature will be on board whenever it does arrive is a nice one to look forward to.

What do you think of the new addition?

Source: Android Developers Blog

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