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Facebook will simplify Messenger


Still the reigning social media giant, Facebook is a platform that’s grown into a behemoth, so much that the company has divvied up its core services. One of Facebook’s strongest services is in Messenger, which has over 1.3 billion active users. While useful, Messenger has grown bloated, with a myriad of built-in features that aren’t relevant. Facebook has realized that its rush to experiment in Messenger triggered the clutter, and in 2018, the Messenger team is committing to simplify and streamline Messenger, bringing it back to its primary purpose of staying directly connected with others.

While simplification is first and foremost, Facebook has several other goals for Messenger. The company will be working hard to improve rich, real time communication methods, such as voice and video chat, as well as faster visual communication through photos and videos. For businesses, Messenger will offer new features for customer care, which has become a major component of using Facebook for business.

To read Facebook’s statement, follow the source link below.

Source: Facebook

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