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Google Assistant voice match now works with multiple Netflix profiles


Many people use profiles on Netflix so that each person in a family or group can get recommendations tailored to their tastes. Now profiles on Netflix are getting even better for Google Assistant users.

Google Assistant now offers multiple profile support for Netflix with voice match. That means that you can link your personal profile with your voice so when you tell Assistant to play Netflix, it’ll know which profile to launch.

To set this feature up, go to the Google Home app and tap the Menu hamburger button. Then select More Settings followed by Videos and Photos. Find the Netflix section and then select Manage Profile.

Going through this whole process might be kind of tedious if you’ve got a lot of profiles on your Netflix account, but the end result should make using Netflix with Google Assistant better. So if you’ve got an Assistant device like Google Home and multiple Netflix profiles, it might be worth the effort to set this feature up.

Via: Android Police

Source: Google

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