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Google Clips briefly went on sale, waitlisted soon after

Google Clips

Google Clips was announced several months ago, but hasn’t been available for purchase. Until this weekend, that is. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Google Clips briefly popped onto the Google Store for purchase. Within just a couple short hours, however, Clips had reverted back to a waitlist option. It’s unclear if Google ran out of stock or if the company simply stopped sales for the time being, but in either case, the earliest delivery times available are in March, which means that Google will likely resume sales again during the next month.

Google Clips is a tiny, clip-on camera that uses machine learning to automatically capture the special moments in life. For example, Google Clips learns to recognize familiar faces, pets, and action, and captures motion photos that last for several seconds. While the photos may not have audio, it makes it easier than ever to capture spontaneous events that you may not have been able to capture with your smartphone. Clips doesn’t require an internet connection to capture and can take up to three hours of smart captures on a single charge. To view photos, users can simply connect their phone to Clips and see everything that’s been captured.

While Clips may be waitlisted, stay alert and you may see them come back onto sale again.

Via: Android Police

Source: Google Store

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