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Google Clips passes through the FCC

Google Clips

Back in October of last year, Google officially announced a little stand-alone camera called Clips which captures photos and silent videos.

Google sold Clips as a smarter camera that uses machine learning to automatically detect a scene unfolding in front of it and then snap photos or short videos if the artificial intelligence determined the scene was worth remembering. An interesting idea to say the least, but Google has gone pretty much dead silent on Clips ever since it made its debut last year.

Variety reports that may not be the case for much longer, as a device with a model name “G015A” has just passed through the FCC gauntlet. That particular model name has been seen in previous marketing material for the Clips smart camera, so while the FCC filing was heavily redacted and didn’t specifically namedrop Clips, it seems likely that the device is almost ready to launch.

Google Clips will cost $249 whenever it does go on sale. Google will probably make an announcement, soon, though, with the FCC now in the rearview mirror.

When Clips goes on sale, do you plan on picking one, or more, up?

Via: Variety

Source: FCC

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