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Google Files Go app works with tablets, gets better SD card support


Google’s Files Go app launched to the public back in December, and now the app is getting better.

Google announced today that Files Go is picking up support for tablets, which is probably one of the more oft-requested features up to this point. In addition, the app is getting expanded support for microSD cards. There will be a new button that reads, “Show SD Card only” and, as you might expect, it will only show content that is present on your microSD card.

In addition to that, Google confirmed Files Go users will be able to choose which apps open your files with the “Open with” feature. That means if you have a specific app that you like using for opening documents, you will be able to choose that as the default option.

Some small updates, but still adding worthwhile support. Are you already trying out Files Go?

Via: Google Blog

Source: Google Files Go (Play Store)

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