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Google I/O 2018 kicks off on May 8


It’s a new year, which means we’re all looking forward to seeing what new things companies like Google have to offer.

To see that, we have to wait for big media events or developer conferences. For Google, the biggest of the big is Google I/O, which sees the company going over a variety of different topics, platforms, and showcasing new features along the way. This year, Google I/O will start on May 8 and run until May 10 in Mountain View, California, as uncovered by The Verge.

This year was similar to last in that Google published a puzzle that had hundreds of folks trying to discover the date. There were a variety of clues, including a pineapple cake in one room which might or might not hint at the name of Android P.

Whatever the case might be, we don’t have all that long to wait now. What are you hoping that Google announces this year?

Source: The Verge

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