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Google launches Bill Protection for Project Fi customers


With Project Fi, you have the ability to pay for what you use, which means it can be easier to control how much you pay a month for your smartphone plan.

But that doesn’t mean every month is going to be the same, especially when it comes to consuming data, and some customers might find they’ll use quite a bit and rack up a high bill before the month is over. Google is now introducing a feature for Project Fi customers that will fix this particular situation.

It’s called Bill Protection. With it, Project Fi customers can feel safe in knowing that their monthly bill cost will stop at a certain point, no matter how much data they use. Google likens it to an unlimited plan, as you can use as much data as you want, but only pay a certain amount.

One of the examples Google provides is for a 6GB plan, which Google will now cap at $80 per month. So even if you use over 9GB of data in that month, you won’t have to pay $116.80, because Google’s new Bill Protection will cap it at $80.

Bill Protection’s data limit will change depending on how many people you have on your account. You can see how each group’s costs break down right here.

Two caveats: First, if you are a heavy data use that manages to gobble up 15GB of data in a month or more, your speeds will be slowed. If you want to pay for the ability to use more than 15GB of high-speed data per month, you can opt to pay the $10/GB for usage above that limit.

Finally, Bill Protection doesn’t mean you’re paying an unlimited plan’s price point every month if that’s not the amount of data you’re using. So if you use only 1.6GB of data in a month, you’ll pay $34 for that data usage.

Project Fi’s Bill Protection is rolling out beginning today, so individual customers and groups will see it present on their next billing cycle.

What do you think of the idea?

Source: Google Blog

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