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Google Pixel 2 portrait mode ported to older Pixels, non-Pixel devices

Google Pixel 2 Camera

Google’s camera software wizardry is undeniably unbelievable. That app can take decent camera hardware and pump out amazing results, giving the Pixel line top ratings on DxOMark every year. The ported version of the app with HDR+ software can even make other devices take consistently better photos.

Google somehow managed to include a portrait mode with the Pixel 2 despite the presence of only one camera (where two are usually used for depth sensing). It produces pretty good results that, while not as good as some of the competition with two cameras, still looks great most of the time.

This is the latest feature ported to other devices. You can now use this portrait mode on the original Pixel devices as well as non-Google devices. It’s been tested on devices like the OnePlus 3 and 3T running OxygenOS 5, Xiaomi Mi 5 and 5S, and more. The latest Snapdragon processors are supported, though individual device support is iffy and Oreo is a requirement.

If you’re down to try it, hit the source link for Arnova8G2′s latest Google Camera modded app. It worked great before this latest addition and portrait mode should be a nice touch, though if your device has native portrait mode, it might work a bit better.

Via: XDA-Developers

Source: Arnova8G2 camera mod

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