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Google purchased a company that created the tech to turn screens into speakers

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Google quietly purchased a UK firm called Redux sometime last year. Allegedly the purchase happened in August but the details are just now coming out.

Redux had no products on the market but created a technology that can turn displays into a vibration media. Not only does this mean that more advanced haptic feedback is possible, but the displays can also be used as speakers.

Apple’s Taptic Engine has not been recreated in a mainstream Android phone so far, but this technology could be Google’s key to doing exactly this. Bezels could also be cut down or almost entirely eliminated while retaining a front facing speaker using the display as a speaker.

This technology has been demoed before, so it’s long out of the concept stages. We hope Google can take advantage of it soon. Maybe the Pixel 3 will feature a new haptic system. Let us know what you think of this tech in the comments!

Source: Bloomberg

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