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HQ Trivia ditches $20 minimum balance for cashing out your winnings


If you’re an avid HQ Trivia player, we’ve got some news for you that’s sure to be exciting.

HQ has announced that it’s axing the $20 minimum required for players to cash out their winnings. That means that you should be able to immediately transfer whatever you win to your bank the same day that you win it.

Considering how many people have been playing HQ Trivia, especially since it launched on Android, sometimes the winnings that you get from answering all 12 questions correctly can be $10 or less. The $20 minimum to cash out was frustrating because it meant that you couldn’t actually get at your winnings if that happened to you, but thankfully that minimum is gone, letting you get your winnings no matter how many other people you had to split the pot with.

Have you ever won a game of HQ Trivia?

Source: HQ Trivia (Twitter)

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