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Huawei will integrate Android Messages in its smartphone lineup


Most Android smartphone manufacturers offer their own built-in messaging app which is meant to handle the vast majority of standard text messages sent on the device. However, Google also offers its own app called Android Messages. It’s built in on Pixel smartphones, but if you want that stock look on non-Pixel devices, the app can be installed from the Play Store. Or you can just pick up a Huawei smartphone.

Google has officially announced that Huawei will be offering Android Messages as the built-in option for its Android smartphone lineup from this point on. Huawei “will begin integrating Android Messages across their portfolio in the coming months”, which will bring a new, more robust text messaging experience to the handsets.

Android Messages features RCS, which means that future Huawei phones will be able to text over Wi-Fi and offer typing indicators, richer media sharing, and group chats. Those features will all be offered by default with Android Messages on Huawei devices. In addition, Huawei device owners will also be able to make video calls from right within Android Messages thanks to ViLTE and Google Duo.

The new integration will start happening over the coming months. For Huawei device owners that’s certainly good news.

Do you prefer Android Messages as your go-to text messaging solution?

Source: Google Blog

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