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JBL Everest headphones feature built-in Google Assistant


Google Assistant is no stranger to headphones, and we’re likely to see quite a few more companies offering their own headphones with Google’s digital assistant built-in.

Today during CES 2018, Harman International officially announced the JBL Everest lineup of headphones that includes three devices with different designs and price points. However, the three models do share one similar feature: built-in Google Assistant.

Setting up Google Assistant support is easy enough. You’ll need to download the Assistant app on your phone or tablet and once that’s done, connect the headphones to your device via Bluetooth. Finally, you’ll need to “simply touch the sensors located on the ear cup,” and then you’ll be able to use Google Assistant in your new Everest headphones.

The digital assistant will help you change the volume of what you’re listening to, check your schedule, or start playing a certain playlist. The standard Google Assistant voice controls are in full effect here, so if you prefer Google’s digital assistant over the alternative options out there, the JBL Everest headphones might be worth a look.

As previously mentioned, there are three models. The first is the Everest 110GA, which has an in-ear design and is priced at $99.95. It is available in Gunmetal Silver, Mountain Silver, and Steel Blue, and the batteries should last about eight hours. It comes with small, medium, and large ear-tips as well.

The second option is the Everest 310GA, which has an on-ear design and features battery life up to 20 hours. It will be available in Gunmetal Silver, Mountain Silver, Copper Brown, and Rocky Purple. It’s priced at $199.95.

Finally, the over-the-ear design is the Event 710GA, which is priced at $249.95. It will be available in Gunmetal Silver and Mountain Silver, and the battery life should last you about 25 hours.

All three pairs of headphones will be available from select retailers and JBL’s website beginning sometime in the spring of 2018, but no specific launch date was provided.

What do you think of the new headphones from JBL and Harman International?

Source: Harman International (BusinessWire)

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