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LG reportedly looking to start over on the G7


The start of 2018 has been pretty loud when it comes to LG, and that train is not slowing down this week.

According to a new report, LG Electronics CEO Jo Seong-jin has taken a pretty drastic step and ordered the teams working on the company’s next flagship smartphone to drop the current design and start from scratch on something new. The report doesn’t divulge any major details about the current model of the LG G6‘s successor or what Jo Seong-jin might be looking for in the newer design.

It was pointed out that the reason why the Life’s Good crew is starting over has something to do with the company being unable to come up with a strong “selling point” for the new handset internally. If LG can’t sell the phone to themselve, or find a reason to be excited about the new handset, it would certainly make sense that they wouldn’t be able to sell it to potential customers, either.

Expectations were that LG was going to announce the G7, or whatever they were going to call it, at this year’s Mobile World Congress (where the Galaxy S9 is going to debut, too). However, with only a little over a month before that event kicks off, it’s hard to fathom that LG could be ready to go with a brand new, designed-from-scratch handset by that time.

That would coincide with LG confirming that it isĀ not leaning on the yearly refresh cycle for its smartphone lineup anymore. Seeking more time in the development cycle will hopefully mean a good thing for LG, even if it does mean we might see even more G- and V-series variants popping up between major flagship launches.

LG is starting from scratch with the G6′s successor. What do you want to see in the new design?

Source: The Investor

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