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Moto Folio Moto Mod is a cheap way to protect your Moto Z


There are quite a few Moto Mods out there now, with Motorola unveiling two new ones earlier this month.

But Motorola’s not slowing down, as it’s adding another accessory to the mix. The Moto Folio is now available to buy and it’s a pretty straightforward: A simple case that snaps onto the back of the phone and features a cover that will protect the Moto Z’s display when it’s closed. There is also a single internal card slot that can hold a credit/debit card or an ID.

The case usually costs $14.99, but Motorola is hosting a sale that drops the price to just $11.24 for a limited time. The new case is available in Fine Gold, Super Black, and Grape Juice color variants.

If you’ve been looking for a case for your Moto Z, this might be a good option. One might hope that a future folio case can include even more card slots, though, as one isn’t a lot to work with.

What do you think of the new Moto Mod?

Source: https://www.motorola.com/us/products/moto-mods/moto-folio

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