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OnePlus investigating suspicious credit card purchases from online store


OnePlus has posted to its public forum in an effort to get ahead of some suspicious credit card purchases that have appeared on some OnePlus customers’ statements recently.

According to OnePlus, some of its customers have reported some suspicious purchases being made on their credit cards that were used on OnePlus.net. The company is currently investigating the situation, but it hasn’t gone into any specific details just yet. The company did post a quick FAQ so customers can get a brief rundown of what’s happening.

OnePlus confirms that those who have run into the unknown transactions are customers who made purchases from OnePlus.net directly and did not use a third-party, like PayPal, to confirm any purchases. It does say that credit card information is not stored directly on the site and that OnePlus uses a “PCI-DSS-compliant payment processing partner over an encrypted connection”. Payment processes are handled on their secure servers.

OnePlus notes that their online store is not built on the Magento eCommerce platform, which recently faced a security breach, and hasn’t been since 2014. So that particular issue should not affect OnePlus customers.

The company then says if you do have any suspicious activity on your credit card, you should contact your bank and go through the steps to not lose any money.

As it stands, it looks like OnePlus is taking each individual case as they receive them. The company does not indicate that this is a bigger problem.

Did you receive any suspicious activity from OnePlus.net recently?

Source: OnePlus Forums

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