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Project Fi customers with a bad Nexus 5X can get it replaced with a Moto X4 Android One


The Moto X4 Android One for Google’s Project Fi officially launched in September of last year, and for many who have had a faulty Nexus 5X under the Project Fi banner, it was seen as the perfect replacement unit that Google wasn’t offering.

According to Android Police, that is finally changing. A Project Fi customer reportedly contacted their carrier to try and figure out a fix for their boot-looping Nexus 5X, which is a well-known issue for the handset. Up to this point, Google was offering either $100 in Google Play store credit or a $53 check due to the faulty smartphone. Neither one of those options was all that great considering the phone’s faults.

Now, though, Google is offering a Moto X4 Android One as a replacement unit to a faulty Nexus 5X for Project Fi customers. The Moto X4 Android One typically retails for $399, and the Nexus 5X originally retailed for $350 under Project Fi, so customers are finally getting a worthwhile replacement option.

If you have a Nexus 5X with Project Fi and have been experiencing the boot loop problem, do you think you’ll try to get a Moto X4 Android One as a replacement?

Source: Android Police

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