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Smart Reply is rolling out for Android Messages


Back in the day we used to have to dig into a text messaging app or deal with annoying pop-up notifications if we wanted to reply to someone.

Thankfully our smartphones are a lot more capable these days and being able to quickly to reply to a conversation is getting a lot easier. If you use Android Messages, Google is rolling out a new feature that should make quick replies a lot easier.

It’s called Smart Reply, and it’s actually been available in Google’s Allo messaging app for quite some time now, but now it’s rolling out to Android Messages, too. The confirmation came by way of the official Project Fi Twitter account.

With Smart Reply, a few different options will show up in small bubbles above the text entry and keyboard. Those replies will be based on the conversation you’re having. So, as the image above shows, if someone tells you they’ve got a new kind of cheese for you to try, Smart Reply can figure out to ask, “What kind?” The other options in that instance include “Nice” and a thumbs up emoji. Because there always has to be an emoji option.

As is par for the course with these types of features, Google says that Smart Reply will learn from you over time and should populate even better options as time goes on.

If you haven’t tried out Smart Reply because you haven’t tried Allo, it’s good to see the feature making it over to Android Messages. How often do you think you’ll use a feature like this?

Source: @ProjectFi

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