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Spotify launches standalone app ‘Stations’ for free playlist listening


Spotify is well known for its wide variety of playlists, but now the company has launched a new, standalone app that relies solely on the curated content.

Late on Tuesday, Spotify officially launched an app called Stations, as was first reported by Variety. The app is currently an Android exclusive and, at least at the time of publication, appears to still only be available in Australia.

For those who can try Stations, it’s designed around big font and individual playlists, all designed to build around your preferences without any real user interaction beyond select the playlist.┬áIt also touts the fact that users don’t need to search for anything, or type into the app at all. The music options should adapt to the user’s listening patterns as well.

It is a free app and doesn’t require a Spotify Premium subscription to access. However, it doesn’t look like users can skip songs while they’re listening, even if they are a Premium subscriber.

Spotify’s own description of the app indicates that this is an experiment on the company’s part, so there is no telling if Stations will see a wider launch outside of Australia.

As noted by the original report, Stations appears to be incompatible with a whole host of devices, including the Pixel smartphones, so keep that in mind.

What do you think of the idea of Stations?

Via: Variety

Source: Spotify Stations (Google Play)

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