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T-Mobile rakes in the awards in OpenSignal’s ‘State of Mobile Networks’ report


OpenSignal puts out semi-regular reports on the mobile network market in the United States, giving a glimpse at how things are shaking out for the major players. The latest is called the “State of Mobile Networks” and it aims to show how each of the four biggest names compare to one another.

In this case, OpenSignal’s report includes a sample period between October 1, 2017 and December 30, 2017. In that timeframe, the report saw data from 237,213 test devices, and there were more than 5 billion total measurements in an effort to get the best possible results and catalog them.

First, the results show that while AT&T and Verizon were severely impacted by launching unlimited data plans last year, with both of the biggest carriers in the United States seeing drops in overall download speeds as their 4G LTE networks were stressed by more data consumption. However, the carriers were able to turn things around before the end of 2017, with Verizon seeing a return to its average 17.8Mbps download speeds.


Meanwhile, T-Mobile raked in the awards, especially in areas that matter for the consumer. The magenta Un-carrier won awards in almost every single category, including “Download Speed: 4G,” “Download Speed: 3G,” and “Availability: 4G.” AT&T, for what it’s worth, won the award in “Latency: 4G,” which indicates that it has the most responsive network with a score of 58.29ms. Verizon’s 4G latency was the slowest at 69.99ms.

Sprint did see improvements across the board in both overall speeds and availability, which is good news for the fourth largest wireless carrier in the U.S. Sprint’s average download speed over a 4G connection rose to 12Mbps and its LTE¬†availability increased by over 9 percentage points across the country.

OpenSignal’s latest “State of the Mobile Networks” report indicates that there were some struggles for some companies, but that T-Mobile is still taking advantage of all those issues and improving its own network at breakneck speeds.

Have you considered switching to T-Mobile recently?

Source: OpenSignal

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