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Verizon offers free roaming for the Winter Olympics if you sign up for rewards program


The Winter Olympics are being hosted in the South Korean city of PyeongChang next month, and many Americans will be traveling to see them. Verizon is making a bit easier by offering free roaming, with a catch.

Verizon TravelPass allows you to use your cell phone plan in other countries exactly like you would when you’re at home. It usually costs $5┬áper day per line for Canada and Mexico and $10 per day per line in 130 other places. Verizon is offering it for free on February 9, the start of the games, if you sign up beforehand.

If you sign up for the Verizon Up rewards program before January 28, you can get TravelPass for all of February for free in South Korea. You can sign up for Verizon Up in the My Verizon app if you’re interested. Even though you have to sign up for a rewards program, free roaming for a month is a pretty sweet deal (especially for a trip where you’re sure to be sharing a lot of photos).

Source: Verizon

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