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Verizon won’t be selling Huawei phones, either


Huawei had lofty goals for its smartphone lineup heading into 2018, with plans to launch its flagship device on AT&T in the United States. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out, and reports are that the U.S. government would like very much for AT&T to cut all ties with the smartphone manufacturer.

Of course, there are other options for Huawei, Verizon being one of them. But it turns out that the biggest wireless carrier in the U.S. won’t be carrying any Huawei-branded smartphones, either. As reported by Bloomberg, Verizon has decided it won’t sell the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and has no plans to carry any Huawei smartphones at all.

As was the case with AT&T, Verizon has felt a considerable amount of pressure from the U.S. government in this regard, and it looks like Big Red’s decision stems from that pressure.

It doesn’t seem likely that Huawei is going to get a chance to sell a smartphone on a U.S. carrier any time soon, if ever.

Source: Bloomberg

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