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YouTube TV has over 300,000 subscribers


It hasn’t been quite a year since YouTube TV launched, but it looks like the platform has a pretty solid fanbase going for it.

According to CNBC, YouTube TV now has just over 300,000 subscribers. The report cites information gathered by unnamed sources, but it’s as much as we can go on at this point because Google hasn’t announced any official subscriber numbers up to this point.

The report also indicates that Hulu’s live TV service, which was launched in 2017 as well, has over 450,000 subscribers. That doesn’t include any promotional customers that may have signed up over the holiday season.

YouTuve TV, like many of the other options out there in the streaming TV market, is one way that you can try to avoid cable subscriptions. And while it sounds like YouTube TV is on the right path, it still has a long way to go before it can catch up to Dish’s Sling TV, which reportedly has over 2 million subscribers, or DirecTV Now with its reported 1 million subscribers, both of which launched a little before Google’s option.

Have you signed up for YouTube TV? If not, what’s keeping you from signing up?

Source: CNBC

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