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Essential Phone camera app updated with Tiny Planet feature

Essential Phone

Having a snap on 360-degree camera is awesome, but we missed the Tiny Planet feature we used to play with when Google released its 360-degree panorama feature many years ago. Luckily there are third party apps to turn your 360-degree image into a tiny planet.

Essential saw this void in the feature list and has updated the camera app for the Essential Phone with a Tiny Planet mode. The feature is in beta but still very welcome. Also added are a selfie flash and stability fixes.

To access the Tiny Planet feature, hit the thumbnail of your last taken photo in the camera app, scroll to your 360 image, and press the grid icon in the top left. From there you can adjust the image with moving it up and down, side to side, and pinching to zoom. The screenshot ends up 16:9, which is an odd aspect ratio, but a quick crop looks great.

Essential is quickly making their smartphone experience better and bolstering their software with new features. It’s great to see a manufacturer, and a new one at that, working so hard to improve its current product rather than banking on the next one being better. Head to the Play Store to update the camera app!

Source: Google Play Store: Essential Camera

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