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Top 10 New Android Games This Week: Lord of Dice, Rocket Sling

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Welcome back to Android Gaming Weekly, our weekly recap of new game releases. We still plan to cover upcoming releases and games we’re playing, but this column is dedicated to new games that you can start playing right now. Check out our top picks and let us know in the comments section if you have any suggestions for next week’s post.

Game Dev Tycoon

DescriptionManage your own game company and try to create a million-selling game in this unique simulation. Features the ability to develop your company’s own game console, plus a system for changing your staff members’ professions. Your staff members can have a variety of game-related professions, from programmer to sound engineer.


Knight Maker

DescriptionA novice blacksmith and a novice Swordstress pairs up for a successful business! You, a novice blacksmith, suddenly have to take over you uncle’s smithy. With the help of the PR Swordstress he hired for the Smithy’s publicity,


Lord of Dice

DescriptionThe Strategy RPG You’ve Been Waiting For! Ascend The Tower To Save The Princess! Real-Time PVP And Raid Bosses! Beautifully Drawn Dicers to Collect! Strategic Anime RPG with Hero Collection and Dice Mechanics! 


Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omni

Description: Legendary heroes and villains from across the FINAL FANTASY series come together in a compelling story of powerful deities and a world in peril. Fans of the series will see their favorite characters in a brand-new adventure, and newcomers will experience the compelling story, drama, and combat that the FINAL FANTASY series is known for!



DescriptionDeveloped by LEVEL-5, LAYTON’S MYSTERY JOURNEY™: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy is the latest game in the best-selling Layton Series and first official sequel debuting on mobile. The Starter Kit version features the prologue and first case for free. Additional cases are available as separate in-app purchases.


Four Last Things

Description: Pilfer from poets, bargain with bishops and serenade the local simpleton on you hapless quest for absolution. Four Last Things is a point-and-click adventure game made from Renaissance-era paintings. It’s kind of like if Monkey Island had been made in 16th century Flanders by a time-travelling Monty Python fanboy.


Slime Pizza

DescriptionAs Slime Pizza’s delivery boy, your ship crash lands and all the pizzas have been scattered! Collect all the pizza you can, but beware the watchful eye of the planet’s patrol officer!


Meteorfall: Journeys

Description: Meteorfall is a deck-building roguelike. You’ll choose your class from one of four unique adventurers, and then set out with a deck consisting of some basic attack cards. During the course of your adventure, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to add powerful new cards to your deck.


One Piece Bounty Rush

DescriptionThe latest ONE PIECE mobile game. Real-time team battles with REAL PLAYERS. A single berry can be the difference between victory and defeat! Take the loot you pirate!


Rocket Sling

Description Orbit planets, play with gravity, and collect crystals in outer space all from the comfort of your J-1 Rocketship. Fast paced and enjoyable gameplay. No set pattern, play your own way, win your own way. 20+ Levels to enjoy with more scheduled for early 2018. A unique gameplay experience like nothing else.


I was first introduced to Android with the Samsung Fascinate and I've been hooked ever since. I love the customization that Android offers the user to personalize their phone. I enjoy writing and have been blessed with the opportunity to share this passion for Android with others.

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