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Android P details leak, will emphasize Google Assistant


On May 8, Google will start this year’s Google I/O developers conference, where the company will show off a variety of things, including the newest version of Android.

That update is currently known as Android P and, according to details shared by Bloomberg today, it is going to be a major overhaul for the OS. The report indicates that Google is putting more of a concerted effort into swaying Apple customers over to the Android ecosystem, and not simply by updating the software.

The sources say that Google is planning to mimic the iPhone X’s “notch design” which, as you have probably seen by now, is pretty controversial. Part of the phone’s design cuts into the display, so much so that there are “horns” where the screen actually flanks that notch design on both sides. Apple included a TrueDepth camera system in that notch, and this report indicates that Google wants to use that same design to let smartphone manufacturers implement their own front-facing camera features.

The report does say that while Google will be adopting the “notch design” and building Android to let developers and smartphone manufacturers adopt it, too, not every company will see a reason to do that, nor will they be required to. So while Essential can have its own notch design, Samsung can continue to mock the idea in its marketing.

Today’s report also indicates that Google Assistant will be playing an even bigger role moving forward. Google is reportedly looking for ways to integrate the feature into the Android home screen, by way of the standard Search bar. However, that might not make it into the final cut. Third-party developers may even be able to integrate Google Assistant into their apps.

One final detail: The “P” in Android P is reportedly being called “Pistachio Ice Cream” internally, but this may change for the public launch later this year.

So, what do you think of all these rumored changes?

Source: Bloomberg

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