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Essential updates camera app with new HDR algorithm, auto HDR, and new indicators


The Essential Phone camera app is getting yet another update with more improvements and features. The device launched with poor camera performance but has slowly gotten better with every update, and this update should be no different.

The latest update adds a new HDR algorithm which should improve photos in both bright situations and in low light. It also makes HDR captures much faster, now being nearly instant. Also included is auto HDR, so you won’t have to enable HDR every time you need it. This is a welcome touch for sure. Last are new indicators for HDR and flash. When the two are in auto mode, they’ll glow yellow when they’re active and go gray when inactive. This lets you know when your flash will fire or when HDR is being used.

These new features and included stability fixes are yet more proof that Essential is dedicated to supporting and improving its device. The constant monthly security patches that sometimes beat Pixel devices do the same. Download the latest camera app update and let us know how you like it!

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