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Google adds chat heads widgets with controls to its Phone app


If you’re rocking a Pixel, Nexus, or Android One device, be on the lookout for a new Google Phone update.

Google Phone version 17 adds chat heads for phone calls. As spotted by Android Police, these widgets let you press the home button during a phone call and then keep a small circular widget on top while you using other apps. You can tap the widget to go back to the call, mute the call, turn on speakerphone, or hang up. You can also drag the widget to the bottom of the screen to end the call or hide the widget.


If you’re not a fan of these chat heads widgets, you can go into your Settings app, find the “Display on top of other apps” section, then disable the feature for the Phone app.

We saw Facebook roll out chat heads in Messenger way back in 2013, letting you keep your Messenger chats within reach while you did other things on your phone. Now Google is utilizing a similar feature for phone calls, and this looks like a pretty great feature. Now you can be on a phone call and get other tasks done, and thanks to the chat heads widget, you can easily do things like mute the call or turn on speakerphone without having to interrupt what you’re doing to return to the Phone app if you don’t want to.

Via: Android Police

Source: Phone (Play Store)

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