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Google Assistant updated with musical alarms, TV showtime info


Google Assistant is constantly being updated with new features and improvements, making for an overall better experience. Today is no different, as Google has announced a few new features coming to the Assistant and to your Google Home.

Previously, you could set alarms on your Google Home but it would just beep. Now you can select an artist, song, or radio station to wake up to to make your mornings a little easier.

You can also now ask Assistant about TV showtimes and set alarms for certain shows you don’t want to miss. Further integration into TV is important as it improves the YouTube TV experience if you are subscribed to that service (though this feature will work with any TV provider).

Lastly, you can now access the music you uploaded to Google Play Music, and Google has added Voice Match to Netflix commands so you can continue watching your shows without interrupting a different user in your home.

The updates are rolling out now so give these new features a shot!

Source: Google Blog

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