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Google Pay is now available for Android


Back in January, Google announced that it was shaking things up in the mobile payment space, effectively combining Android Pay and Google Wallet into one service.

That new service is called Google Pay and the app is now rolling out for Android users. With it you’ll get a clean and very lean app, with only two tabs on the bottom: Home and Cards. In the Home section you’ll find your recent activity, your primary payment card for easy checkout options, rewards cards, and the ability to see nearby stores that support Google Pay.

Meanwhile, in the Cards section, users can find their gift cards, general offers, loyalty programs, and credit/debit cards.

You will be able to use Google Pay just as you did with Android Pay, so no changes there.

Google says that it is working on adding the ability to send and request money with Google Pay as well and that it should arrive in the United States and the United Kingdom sometime in the next few months.

What do you think of the Google Pay rebranding?

Via: Google Blog

Source: Google Pay (Play Store)

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